Al-Shorooq International Foam Factory was established in 2005 in Riyadh with a distinguished team of qualified staff in all administrative departments. The company focused its entire administrative staff on the production of only raw PU foam to extract the finest types of conventional foam.

Al-Shorooq was founded on the principles of quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction. As a result of the outstanding success achieved by the company at its launch, Al-Shorooq was able to expand and open its new factory in Jeddah in 2009.

In 2013, Al-Shorooq planned a vision for development in all of its administrative departments, starting from the production capacity to the sales and marketing teams. The vision was founded by Al-Shorooq founder, Mr. Amin Ahmed Qahtan.

As a result of the ambitious administrations’ keenness to follow the vision and achieve its requirements and goals, Al-Shorouq, by the grace of God, went through a major expansion phase in terms of production capacity, which doubled by 400%, to marketing and sales teams. The expansion phase was not only from the perspective of production capacity and sales, but also an increase in the number of its workers, which is about 200 employees in Jeddah factory only.

In 2015, Al-Shorooq opened its new factory in the third industrial city in Jeddah with an area of 23,000 square meters. Al-Shorooq was one of the first companies to open in the new indusssstrial area thanks to its ambitious staff.

In 2016, in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which inspired us with the passion for expansion and growth, Al-Shorooq developed a plan to expand its sales team to target its customers in all regions of the Kingdom. By the grace of God, in 2018, Al-Shorooq had more than 10 sales branches located in all regions of the Kingdom to meet the needs of our customers.

In 2021, FoamZone came to life as an independent company specializing in the production of high-quality mattresses with accurate European specifications and standards. FoamZone has worked to distinguish itself from all local companies and to appear with distinguished products and technologies that are not available locally. Foam Zone was built on the basis of three goals: quality, excellence, and rarity. To achieve these goals, the study of FoamZone mattresses took over 10 months, and the finest types of fabric were used. As a type of excellence, some FoamZone mattresses use types of foam specifically manufactured for its type and to achieve its goals. As a result of administrative awareness and the importance of excellence, FoamZone has achieved prestigious achievements, starting with the sale of 450,000 mattresses to the authorities responsible for organizing the Hajj season to serve the guests of the Merciful. FoamZone is not only proud of the quantity sold, but also the record time it took to produce the quantity, which took only 20 days. This is a testament to our passion for sticking to our principles since our inception and delivering all our orders in a short time to satisfy our customers.

Our capabilities

  • Production capacity of up to 600,000 cubic meters of foam per year
  • We have a fleet of heavy, medium, and light transport vehicles to meet all needs
  • Production and delivery of orders in a record time
  • Export to all Gulf and Arab countries