Al Shorooq Int’ Foam Factory

Al-Shorooq International Foam Factory (Jeddah Division) is a leading foam manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2008, it is located in Jeddah on an area of 23,000 square meters. The company has a production capacity of an average of 50,000 cubic meters of foam per month, and it has more than 10 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

The company produces all types of foam from different materials, including Dunlop foam, Super Foam, Memory Foam, Compressed Foam, and Soft White Foam. The company also produces foam in different colors and sizes, according to customer demand.

The company’s products are characterized by flexibility, softness, and fast rebound. The company also has a team of skilled technicians and engineers with extensive experience in the foam industry.

Al-Shorooq International Foam Factory contributes significantly to the furnishing of pilgrims’ camps during the Hajj season. During the Hajj seasons, the company produces more than half a million mattresses, without affecting its usual production for traditional customers.

Al-Shorooq International Foam Factory welcomes all its customers and looks forward to expanding its presence by serving a larger segment of society.