FoamZone Mattresses by Al-Shorouq International Foam Factory, domestically crafted using European and local technology, FoamZone Mattresses are manufactured to meet global standards. These mattresses come in various sizes, dimensions, and diverse firmness options. FoamZone Mattresses stand out for their strength, durability, and extended lifespan. They seamlessly blend comfort with elegant design and optimal health performance. These mattresses are the prime choice for hotels and retail traders seeking resilient bedding solutions that endure varying weights while delivering unparalleled comfort and relaxation.”

Foam Zone mattresses are devided into 3 major categories

1- Bonnell Spring Mattresses 

Bonnell spring mattresses are renowned for their exceptional support and durability. The interconnected coil system offers balanced comfort, ensuring a restful sleep. Their reliable design has made them a popular choice, delivering a quality sleep experience that lasts.

2- Pocket Spring Mattresses 

Pocket spring mattresses excel in providing personalized support and motion isolation. Each coil is encased in its fabric pocket, allowing for targeted contouring to the body’s shape. This design results in a comfortable and undisturbed sleep, making them a top choice for enhanced restfulness.

3- Medical Mattresses 

Medical mattresses featuring extremely firm and high-density foam offer paramount support and pressure relief. Engineered for therapeutic purposes, they aid in alleviating discomfort, ensuring proper spinal alignment, and enhancing overall well-being through a comfortable and restorative sleep experience.

General Description for FoamZone Mattresses
  1. FoamZone Mattresses are double-sided for enhanced durability and lifespan. This design allows hotels to rotate the mattress every 3 months, ensuring even wear and prolonged usability.
  2. Our mattresses utilize an Air Vent system comprising four vents positioned on the sides. This system facilitates airflow in and out of the mattress, preventing bacteria buildup on the Bonnell spring. This feature extends the spring’s lifespan and eliminates related issues.
  3. FoamZone uses a 2.4mm Bonnell Spring thickness, recognized as the strongest steel thickness in the market. This enhances mattress firmness, enables it to support heavy weights, and minimizes changes in mattress height over time.
  4. Our mattresses feature four support layers at each corner to provide additional internal support for the Bonnell spring, minimizing height changes. FoamZone mattresses also include an isolation layer on each side, separating the comfort foam layers from the Bonnell spring to reduce frictional forces between foam and steel.