Latex Hybrid

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Latex Hybrid is crafted from the highest quality natural latex sourced from American forests.

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190X120 cm, 190X180 cm, 190X90 cm, 200X100 cm, 200X120 cm, 200X140 cm, 200X160 cm, 200X180 cm, 200X200 cm, 200X90, 210X180 cm

Chasis Type نوع الطبقة الداعمة من المرتبة (حديد أو بوكيت أو إسفنج)

Pocket Springs

Comfort Level مستوى الراحة والليونة من 1 الى 10 حيث 10 تمثل لينة للغاية و 1 قاسية للغاية
Warranty مدة الضمان على العيوب المصنعية والهبوط حسب سياسة الضمان

7 Years

Return time في حالة عدم الإرتباح على المرتبة، يمكنكم طلب إرجاع المرتبة أو إستبدالها خلال هذه المدة

30 Days

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Natural Breathing

The Latex Hybrid mattress is naturally breathable, meaning that the latex layers allow air to circulate freely. This helps to keep the mattress cool and comfortable, and also helps to prevent moisture build-up and the growth of bacteria and mold. The mattress also features four side vents that help to further improve airflow.

Body Support

The Latex Hybrid mattress provides complete body support for all sizes and weights, thanks to its pocket spring technology with four layers of varying firmness. This provides support for the body’s heaviest areas. In addition, the mattress features two layers of latex separated by a layer of nano spring, which adds a touch of comfort and gentle bounce.


The Latex Hybrid mattress is constructed with individually wrapped springs encased in a fabric cover, which improves durability and reduces noise. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your mattress will last for years to come and you won’t be disturbed by any creaks or squeaks at night.


The Latex Hybrid mattress is made of 100% natural latex from the finest American companies. It also features individually wrapped springs from Europe with advanced support technologies. The mattress is topped with a cool fabric that contains a high percentage of HDPE.

The top layer is made of a soft-touch fabric that contains a high concentration of cold and heat-repellent Cool fibers.

The top layer of latex is perforated with a network of holes. These holes allow air to flow freely through the layer, which helps to regulate temperature and maintain a comfortable sleeping environment.

This technology provides a new level of comfort and support for mattress users.

The bottom layer of latex provides support and comfort by conforming to the body’s shape.

Multi-zone technology provides targeted support for different parts of the body, with softer support for lighter areas such as the legs and head, and firmer support for heavier areas such as the waist and chest.

The Latex Hybrid mattress features a side rail that enhances the mattress’s durability, load-bearing capacity, and lifespan. It also has a durable foam layer under the mattress body to protect it from rubbing against the rough ground.

Hardness Level



experience a deep and enveloping sensation from the plush foam and additional cushioning in the top layer of the mattress.

It is a good fit for:

  • Those who prefer a soft and comfortable feel
  • Those who are a lighter-weight person
  • Those who are side sleeper who likes more flexibility and sinkage


Engineered to deliver the same level of luxury and comfort as found in the finest hotels.

It is a good fit for:

  • Those who want the perfect blend of comfort and support
  • Couples who have different needs
  • Versatile sleeper


It is engineered to provide a sense of floating above the mattress, with a stronger foam for a balanced feel.

It is a good fit for:

  • Those who prefer a very firm mattress
  • Back or stomach sleeper or have a heavier body type
  • If doctor has recommended a very firm mattress

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